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About 4 Brothers Pizza in Vernal, UT

At 4 Brothers Pizza, we have always been dedicated to providing a unique pizza dining experience for the amazing community. Although we haven’t been around for long, we are truly grateful that we’re located in such an amazing town, and we’re doing our very best to pay it back to the customers we call friends and neighbors.

Our mission and principles

We’ve stuck to the same mission and principles from the very beginning as we recently opened up in Vernal. As a locally owned and family-run pizza restaurant, we make sure to use only the absolute best produce and ingredients we can find, most of which are made or grown right here in our home state of Utah. We understand the importance of supporting the local community, which is why it’s very important to us to make sure we do our part in sustaining our state’s vibrant economy.

4 Brothers founders PJ and Lindsay Germer wanted a business that would provide for their family, but also help those around them. Lindsay had a dream of being an entrepreneur and owning a restaurant. Pj supported her and together with their children are building a successful business. We wanted our children involved and we wanted a good environment for them and others to learn skills to help them be product in life. The name 4 Brothers was created because that’s how many she has. Addison Marie Germer, the caboose of the family, has 4 older brothers.

Our Story

It all started in a 900 square foot shack on Highway 40 in Vernal, Utah. A loan couldn’t be obtained, but with the help of a friend that owned the shack, Jed Petree, he offered to carry the terms on it so they could start their adventure. With some minor cosmetic upgrades and landscaping, all they needed was a little bit of equipment. It was a late June day and they fired up the pizza oven and their first customers showed up. Bo and Jordan Ramsey, Justin Spence, Cole Mair and the Oosteven brothers.

Besides just creating the best products, they want an environment where their employees thrive. With so many young kids looking for employment, it was a blessing to be able to support so many. They also want to be a support to those that may not otherwise have opportunities. We had a vision of expanding into the Wasatch front and in December 2017, we were blessed to open our doors.

Our Vision

“There’s definitely an art to creating the perfect pie. You can have the best ingredients, but more than that you need to have a nack for what it should look and taste like. We have to really train our employees of our standard,” -PJ

When you taste 4 Brothers Pizza you will quickly see that they are a step above their competitors. We want our customers to experience our restaurant and support our vision and we are hopeful the “4 Brothers” will be able to help run the so they may provide for their families and so we can give back as a FAMILY!

Try out our tasty pizzas and more! Call us at (435) 789-4276