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4 Brothers Pizza’s Community Support

At 4 Brothers Pizza, we are really so glad to be located in Vernal, UT. We love serving the community; we’ve received an incredible amount of support from our neighbors and loyal customers over the past few years. Because of that, just as we did at our prior location in Vernal, we want to make sure we give back to community. It’s part of our principles to make sure that the entire team at 4 Brothers Pizza is 100% dedicated and committed to giving back to the community.

So, on top of making sure most of our ingredients and supplies are from our home state of Utah, we also make sure to regularly run fundraisers, charity drives, and other community events to help bring the people of Vernal closer. Why not give us a call to see what community events we’ll be running soon? Take a look below to get some idea of the events that we’ve done and will do soon.

Our fundraisers

Just to give you an example of what we offer, we’ve done Family Pizza Nights for high school students at Unitah High School. It’s a great way to bring together students not only from the attending high school, but other local schools as well as parents. What better way to spend the afternoon or evening eating pizza and hanging out with friends, especially when you know that a portion of all the sales we make will go to help cover students’ travel and competition in national events?

At 4 Brothers Pizza, we think it’s important to help unite the community for events like this, and we hope you’ll take part in one of our fundraisers soon. To help out our neighbors, make sure to spread the word to as many of your friends and family members as possible, whether they’re in high school or not, and then come and spend a part of your afternoon hanging out and eating some homemade comfort food for a great cause.

Sharing city spirit

Another example of the fun events we offer for the community is sharing the city spirit. After all, we believe it’s great for the people in the nearby community to be proud of their city, so we can provide a little bit of fun motivation to kick start things. For example, one of the events that we’ve done is that we’ve had people go on hikes to the U on U Hill in Vernal and take photos or selfies; when they bring in the photo of themselves on the hike, they get stamps toward a free pizza!

Keep an eye out for events like these, and join us in sharing the spirit of our amazing town. After all, what could be a better reward than one of our tasty, homemade pizzas? We look forward to seeing you at one of our 4 Brothers Pizza community events in the near future!

Call us at (435) 789-4276 to learn more about our events!